Review of Bazoongi JumpPod 15 ft Round Trampoline by JumpKing

This time we have exclusive model of 15 ft round trampoline coming from JumpKing, company well known for their brands Bazoongi /JumpPod and Orbounder. With such long reputation in manufacturing of trampolines, we expected nothing less than best American trampoline. Let us see what this JumpKing 15 ft trampoline is capable of…

Weight limit: 220 lbs (100 kg)

Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Recommended for: Ages 6+

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JumpPod Bazoongi 15 ft Round Trampoline Specifications: bazoongi jumppod 15ft


Frame is made from standard galvanized steel and it is thick enough to handle force much more greater than stated in specs. There are 6 W-shaped support legs which support all jumpers withing weight limit, and much more… Steel frame is galvanized, meaning it is coated with protective layer of zinc to prevent rust. Also, all joints and connection points are reinforced with POD connectors (JumpKing version of T-connector from Skywalker).

Fun fact: Trampoline frame is probably part of trampoline which will last longest, much after everything else…


Trampoline mat is connected with 96 pieces of 7-inch springs, number which really surprised us! Finding 96 springs on this trampoline this size guarantees fantastic bounce experience. Also, setup in which some springs are lower and some higher is well known as bounce-booster, giving few extra inches of height.


Mat is standard model, made from poly-vinyl


Enclosure has 8 supporting fiber glass poles which are covered with foam, adding extra protection for safe jumping experience. Entrance to the trampoline is secured with zipper and with buckles. Top of enclosure is reinforced with special top rail system, whichi adds extra sturdiness to the enclosure itself.


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  • 1 year on frame and mat
    6 months on trampoline safety pad
    90 days on all other parts


Manual for JumpKing`s Bazoongi JumpPod Trampoline is available here.



  • Included shoe bag and spring pull tool
  • Very good frame
  • Good enclosure, fiber glass poles give an extra touch to it.



  • ¬†Warranty could last more, after all it is a American trampoline
  • Weight limit a bit to low


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