JumpSport 10 x 17 ft. Rectangle Trampoline Review

Here we have one of the most popular semi-pro rectangular trampolines, trampoline which has been widely used by gymnasts and athletes, who use it to improve balance, visual acuity and overall to improve health of cardiovascular system.
JumpSport 10×17 ft. “StagedBounce” Trampoline is not cheap as you might think, but when you take a look at all its features and specifications you can rest assured that this is good product which should be on your compare list.

Weight limit: 225 lbs (102 kg)

Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Recommended for: Athletes, gymnasts and everyone else who wants semi-pro trampoline. Age not important but prior trampoline experience is.

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JumpSport “StagedBounce” patented technology – Tech Hype or real advantage?

StagedBounce technology means that there are two sets of springs involved in providing energy for the bounce, where last set acts as bounce booster giving you way higher lift than on conventional trampoline. And when combined with rectangular shape, shape well known for high bounce, then it is pretty clear that this is a win-win situation. And there is another great thing about StagedBounce technology – it lowers amount of stress on your joints and knees, because when you land on the mat only first half of springs takes action, lowering total amount of stress in single moment in half. So, we can say that it is clear that “StagedBounce” is not just an hype, but very helpful piece of engineering.

JumpSport 10×17 StagedBounce Specifications JumpSport rectangular trampoline with StagedBounce technology

Frame: Sturdy looking, sturdy it is. Thick steel tubing, almost 1.8″ (12 gauge) in diameter guarantees stability. And as it comes with jet black coat finish, making it rust resistant but also very cool looking.

Mat: First grade Permatron mat (Permatron is considered to be the best mat in the world of trampolines) with 10 rows of stitching and UV protection. Height from ground to mat is 40 inches (in case you will be buying ladder you need JumpSport 3-step ladder).

Springs: 108 performance springs.

Padding: The padding is fantastic, itş thicker and wider than on other rectangle trampolines. It is high density cell foam closed in PVC outer coating, 14 inches wide and 1-inch thick.

Enclosure: Enclosure is probably the worst part of this trampoline. While everything else follows high price, in terms of quality, enclosure does not.



Assembly: As with most of high-end trampolines, process of assembly is not easy, but is straight-forward and done only handful of tools. It will take you at least 2.5 hrs with at least two people. Honestly, most of the time will be spent on assembly of enclosure, as there is hundred feet of straps and cords involved in the process. Not quite what we expected but we hope that this will be improved in future iterations of this model.
Assembly manual can be downloaded here.

Warranty: There is a 10 years warranty on JumpSport Trampoline frame, 5 years warranty period on springs and Permatron jumping mat fabric, 2 years on mat stitching, 1 year of limited warranty on safety enclosure.

Included in set: Frame, frame legs, springs, permatron mat, enclosure and corner rails.

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