Safety First – Introducing Trampoline Enclosure!

As enclosure is one part of trampoline that a lot of people does not buy by default! Unfortunately, most trampoline accidents which happen on trampoline could be avoided just by securing jumpers with trampoline enclosure. According to „Consumer Product Safety Review“ more than 25% of accidents happen because there were multiple jumpers on trampoline and second reason with almost same percentage is falling off from trampoline which happens because there is no safety netting around it. Estimates say that every year 100 000 children are injured in US. Good thing is that from all those injuries there was only six trampoline related deaths from 1990.

The injuries on trampoline were caused by:

1. Colliding with another person while jumping on the trampoline
2. Landing improperly while jumping or doing stunts on the trampoline
3. Falling or jumping off the trampoline
4. Falling on the trampoline springs or frame


How to choose trampoline enclosure?

If you consider buying new trampoline there is a big chance that enclosure will be included. But some of the more professional trampolines, like rectangular trampolines, often do not have trampoline enclosure included. Price is just one factor here. Bigger problem is that most rectangular trampolines are used by professionals or gymnasts who are more likely used to training without safety net. Do not worry, you can still get one seperately.
There are a lot of different enclosures available on the market – you just need to make sure that you measure it correctly  – depending on whether you need 12ft, 14ft or 15ft round, rectangular or any other shaped trampoline enclosure.

Not only enclosures are different in size, shape & height but also in quality. The best trampoline enclosures should be without any additional adjustments to your existing frame, should have a quality and strong net with strong galvanized support poles and foam padding on all support poles.
It should at least be able to accommodate a 250 lbs jumper (in case of an adult jumping on trampoline).

If you still haven`t decided which trampoline model should you buy, and you want only the best, think about getting springless trampoline. Price is a bit higher but for it you will get unmatched safety. Let me compare it to you through their quick facts:

Standard trampoline pad:

While normal conventional trampolines do have pads which comply to safety standards there is still an chance of around 2% that you will suffer from critical, possibly life threating injury. Those injuries mostly occur simply because of padding not covering the steel frame.

Standard trampoline enclosure:

As standard trampoline enclosure will protect us from falling off the trampoline there is still possibility of falling onto the frame or the strings, as stated in above sentence. Also, padding around poles is not thick enough so if user hits pole there is big chance of serious injury.

Springfree trampoline pad:

As springfree trampoline uses new innovative design which removes direct impact points which normal trampolines have. By doing that,  there is no need for trampoline pad. Instead, complete jumping surface consists of trampline mat which lies on rods (substitution for springs).

Springless trampoline enclosure:

In springfree trampoline enclosure can only be fitted between the rods so there is no chance of user hitting rods or frame. The netting is connected with more than 20 attachment points between enclosure and rods. Also, enclosure is connected to the pols in such a way that there is no chance of jumper hitting it.

According to manufacturer springfree trampolines reduce possibility of injuries up to 85% when compared to conventional trampolines.  Is this true? Probably is! There is many options to choose from, so make sure that you purchase one to protect yourself from injury.

(Note!  If there are children who will use trampoline, recreationaly or for training, trampoline enclosure on any type of trampoline is a must)