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If you planning to buy trampoline then you should have enough knowledge about types of trampolines offered on the market. As they come in large variety of types, sizes and shapes, it is crucial to make a bit of investigating about which trampoline you really need and how to choose best trampoline! Even though trampolines are often bought for backyard fun, there are some things you need to be aware of – like quality of individual parts which form the trampoline.

Some manufacturers have good quality trampolines on the market for some years now, and those tend to keep same level of quality they provide. But, there are also those who really could not care less about safety of jumpers – was that you or someone else from your family. For that reason we will only review trampolines which match our safety guidelines – good quality mat, included enclosure, included trampoline padding, thick frame and good customer rating.

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Popular Round Trampoline

Skywalker 15 feet Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker trampolines are well known as one the best trampolines you can buy. With 35+ years in trampoline business, they manufacture only the best trampolines you can find on the market. This SkyWalker model is no exception! It is very sturdy trampoline made from quality parts and all by fantastic price.

Sensation when jumping on this trampoline is crazy! High and easily controlled bounce which you experience while you use this trampoline should be ground zero for other manufacturers. This is the trampoline we would always like to own!
There are several downsides of this trampoline, but honestly, they are so trivial that we couldn`t care less. If you really want to know you are welcome to read more detailed review, just click on the button below.

Weight limit: 200 lbs (90kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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Skywalker 12 feet Trampoline with Enclosure

As we already reviewed bigger brother of SkyWalker 12ft trampoline, we could guess with what are we dealing… Except in size, SkyWalker 12ft trampoline is exactly the same as 15ft version. Easy to assemble, great quality parts with good characteristics keep this trampoline on top of the list. If you have problems with available space in your backyard and you can`t take 15ft Skywalker, take 12ft – you won`t be sorry.

Oh yes, if you don`t like it in red, do not worry – you can choose among four different colors – green, red, blue and camouflage!

Weight limit: 200 lbs (90kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)


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ExacMe 15 feet Trampoline with Enclosure

ExacMe 15ft, Big brother of ExacMe 14ft version, is very similar product. This is huge trampoline with good quality parts making it sturdy and safe, and very easy to put together. Mat & springs provide nice and high bounce. With 375 lbs weight limit you know that quality is good and that this trampoline will serve you in years to come.

Assembly is easy even with one person, but because of the size we recommend that you get some help – then you will finish installment under 2 hrs.

Weight limit: 375 lbs (170kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)


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Ultega “Jumper” 14 feet Round Trampoline with Safety Net

Ultega Jumper is fantastic trampoline for children and teenagers. Plenty of space this trampoline offers will make sure that all attempts to perform tricks will go smooth and carefree. One downside of this trampoline is that it has only 4 supporting legs, which we find a bit problematic for trampoline of that size. But, legs are made from very thick steel so we believe that it is up to the task.
Also, the quality of this trampoline is very good and will ensure that even after several years of usage this trampoline will still be in top shape (ok, you will probably need to have straps on padding and enclosure replaced, as there are reports of those parts falling off after 1-2 years of usage – trust me, no big deal.)

Weight limit of 440 lbs? Yes, you got that right – it is in Top 5 recreation trampolines regarding jumper weight limit. If you are searching for a trampoline with that kind of weight limit then your search is over!

Read more in detailed trampoline review, click on a link below!

Weight limit: 440 lbs (200kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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BouncePro 14 feet Round Trampoline with Spinner Flash Litez

BouncePro 14ft Trampoline is trampoline which actively engages jumpers by combining fun, activity and electronic. Yes, this trampoline comes equipped with something called “Spinner Flash Lite”. Basically, it is a center target made of led lights, creating extra playing value and adding additional layer of safety by giving children “target” on which they have to jump. There are 62 possible different designs and multicolored patterns available. Check out the video on detailed review.

On top of that, when assembled this trampoline does look cool, mainly because of top steel cabled ring top holding up enclosure (called Steel Flex). Buy this trampoline and your backyard will be center of entertainment for whole neighborhood. One more think that we liked about this trampoline is very thick padding (one of the thickest we saw on the trampoline). We really recommend this trampoline!

Weight limit: 220 lbs (100kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)


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JumpSport Elite 14 feet Trampoline with Enclosure

Fantastic super expensive trampoline worth of every dollar. With a price like that you would expect trampoline without a single flow. And yes, JumpSport Elite is closest to it from all other trampolines we have reviewed. Super thick galvanized steel frame with 15 years of warranty, very thick padding (1″ thick qym quality EPE foam) and fantastic mat will be enough to enjoy this trampoline in years to come.

Another JumpSport proprietary technology which improves shock absorption and overall bounce performance called “PowerBounce” is available only on this trampoline. PowerBounce is type of patented assembly. It consists of two springs mounted over fitting. By changing those settings trampoline can be tuned for different age, weight or skill level. As this trampoline is taller than others you might consider additional purchase of trampoline ladder.

Weight limit: 240-260 lbs.(110-120kg) with real world test maximum of 800 lbs (110kg with tested max of 360kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)


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Zupapa 14 feet Round Trampoline with Enclosure & Safety Pad

Zupapa trampoline is one of the trampolines that really surprised us. We expected just a regular average quality trampoline. But all I can say – we were wrong!

Trampoline itself has already included all additional parts and accessories you might need, from enclosure, padding spring tool to ladder so price you see here is total for huge enjoyment.
Downsides of this trampoline is that quality of the enclosure is not so great, but if you take care (cover it with trampoline tent) it should be fine for several years. As enclosures can be purchased separately you should not have any problems if you buy this trampoline. Trampoline itself can be assembled by one person and under 2hrs.

If you buy this trampoline you will not regret it!

Weight limit: 330 lbs (150kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)


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Pure Fun 12 feet Trampoline and Enclosure set

Pure Fun 12ft trampoline is trampoline which is good but in our opinion is not worth of money. It is a sturdy trampoline with responsive mat but other parts could be a bit better. That especially goes for included padding which is connected to trampoline only by straps wrapped on outside frame which love to come lose during the jump. If you are careful it will be fine, but this is characterized as safety risk. Minus points for that!

Regarding warranty period, this trampoline features 2 years of limited warranty and 90 days of full warranty. Pure Fun is well known for fast customer support and in case of any issues you should not have problems in resolving it.

Trampoline itself has 4W shaped steel legs for frame support which can be anchored to the ground with anchor kit (it helps with rough weather and stormy winds). Anchor kit can be purchased separately and it is a must for all smaller size trampolines, like this one.

Weight limit: 250 lbs (120kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)


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Popular Rectangular Trampolines

SkyWalker “Summit” 14×8 feet Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

SkyWalker “Summit” trampoline is trampoline that lasts. Made from high quality materials this rectangular trampoline will be a perfect fit for every backyard. If you plan to use this for recreational or semi-pro workout sessions (gymnasts) this trampoline will meet your expectations.

Only downside of this trampoline is low weight limit, for which (like on all SkyWalker trampolines) we know that can hold much more, but manufacturer safety rules dictates that 200 lbs should be maximum weight.

Weight limit: 200 lbs (90kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)


SkyWalker 14x8ft Detailed Review Check latest price on Amazon


Upper Bounce “Spacious” 15×9 feet Rectangular Trampoline with FiberFlex Enclosure

Upper Bounce 15x9ft is a trampoline whose designers used every single inch of free space and made it small enough (assembled size 168×96″) but with jumping mat size exactly as name indicates – spacious. Trampoline is very sturdy and with total trampoline weight of 290 lbs (130kg) it will make sure that will stay in place no matter what.

It features great responsive mat made from polypropylene mesh material with 8 rows of stitching, ensuring that jumping mat will probably be last thing that will fall apart. What we haven`t like is not so thick frame but as manufacturer guarantees that will hold up to 500 lbs (230kg) we have bo other option than believe it.
And now, why we liked it – because it looks cool! It is one of the nicest rectangular trampolines you can find on the market.

Regarding assembly, it must be done by two man team and it can be done under 2 hrs as instructions are very easy to follow.

Weight limit: 330 lbs (150kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)


Upper Bounce 15x9ft Detailed Review Check latest price on Amazon


SkyWalker 15×9 feet Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

This trampoline is one of the rectangular trampolines All-Stars – sturdy, heavy, super bouncy, with fantastic netting and huge mat size for all kinds of tricks.
As this trampoline is closest it can get to real professional trampolines, except pretty difficult assembly (which will take you around 5 hours) this trampoline really has no downsides.
If you purchase this trampoline you will definitely not be sorry – it will be best deal you have ever made!

Still not impressed? Take a look around the Internet and check other reviews – you will see what I am talking about!

Weight limit: 250 lbs. (115kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)


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Aosom 10×7 feet Rectangle Trampoline + Enclosure (bought separately)

This is rectangular trampoline which fits into group of low-medium quality range. Never the less, because of the price (269.97 for trampoline and enclosure set) this is fairly good buy if you want decently sized rectangular trampoline for beginner gymnasts or teenagers eager for good trampoline which will suffice for their trampolining needs!

With pretty decent weight limit it will be very good addition to any back yard. It is one of the winners in price/value ratio!

Weight limit: 330 lbs (150kg)

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)


Aosom 10x7ft Detailed Review Check latest price on Amazon





Popular Square Trampoline


Skywalker 14×14 feet Square Trampoline with Enclosure

Available in two colors – blue and camouflage.

Biggest advantage of any SkyWalker trampoline are easily available replacement parts!

Weight limit: 250 lbs. (115kg)

Recommended age: 6+

Price: Check below

Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)


SkyWalker 14×14 ft. Detailed ReviewCheck latest price on Amazon