Ultega Jumper 38″ Mini Trampoline Review

Posted September 6, 2013 by admin in Mini Trampolines

 Good choice for winter fitness

Ultega trampoline  is a soft 32-spring exercise trampoline made for jumping and balancing exercises. This is a very sturdy and durable trampoline with nice soft mat and fairly large jumping area which enables  numerous exercises.   The total diameter is approximately 38 inches and comes equipped with 32 springs.  The trampoline stands on six legs with rubber feet for additional protection.

  • 38″ in diameter (jumping mat 27,5 inches)
  • 32 springs with safety padding
  • resistant and stiff mat
  • 22o lbs weight limit
  • 2 yrs manufacturer warranty


  • rubber feet on all six legs for extra protection of your floring.
  • carrying case for storage or transport included
  • foldable into 4 pieces
  • Assembly of Ultega Jumper is fast and easy.
  • Wire rings are integrated to ensure safety and stability
  • Design



  • all six feet needs to be unscrewed if you want to store it
  • carrying case is very thin, they need to work on the quality of this part
  • two people needed to unfold the trampoline



OVERALL GRADE: 4.2 / 5 (Buy Now at Amazon.com)

Ultega Jumper 38 inch mini trampoline user manual can be found here.